3 Reasons Why Your Heater is Blowing Cold Air

Warm temperature settings often provide greater levels of comfort in your The Woodlands home. To get the most value out of a home heating system, a user should obtain an annual heater inspection. A variety of service-related issues could cause a heating unit to blow cold air.

The Woodlands, TX Heating ServicesForced Air Through Your Ductwork

With the proper operational efficiency, an air-handling unit can deliver heat or cold air to desirable areas. After turning on a furnace, heated air should be forced through air ducts within a home or an office building. Cold air could be a signal that a defect might exist for a furnace that is set to deliver heat.

A local heating and air conditioning company can inspect the airflow quality for a residential furnace.

Clogged filters could create an environment that causes a furnace to deliver a minimal amount of forced air throughout a residential property. A build up of debris or other particles can block the amount of heat that would ordinarily be delivered to appropriate areas within a home.

Removal of a dirty filter could restore the manufacturer’s recommended amount of forced air for a residential furnace. A clogged filter could also prevent a burner from properly firing. If a new furnace filter does not restore additional heat, a homeowner is encouraged to set up an inspection with a local HVAC company.

While a nonworking fan might fail to deliver any air from a furnace, a defective fan or a damaged blower unit could result in intermittent levels of cold air versus a consistent supply of warm air.

Routine maintenance and seasonal inspections could enable an air-handling system to work for longer time frames.

Faulty Ductwork Can Contribute to Cold Air From a Furnace

Heated air should travel from a furnace to specific rooms. Ductwork is used to guide heat from a furnace to a variety of registers within a room. Some smaller rooms might have a single register that supplies heat from the furnace.

Ductwork is primarily made with sheet metal, fasteners and screws. Punctures within a home’s ductwork could allow heat to escape behind walls, ceilings, floorboards or other areas. Heat that gets directed toward unwanted areas frequently results in cooler air for the desired rooms.

Instead of using duct tape, insulation, aluminum foil or other items to seal escaping air, a homeowner can contact a licensed HVAC company to perform a ductwork inspection.

A variety of modifications or repairs might be required to reduce air loss from a heating system.

Adding certain brackets or replacement parts might improve an air-handling unit’s performance. Additionally, excessive dust or other items could cause a heater to distribute cool air. If paper, rodents or debris become trapped with the ductwork of a residential property, a homeowner could experience a lower degree of air quality.

Dealing With a System Failure

A faulty power switch or bad wires could cause a residential furnace to experience a system failure. Without a properly working firing source, a furnace could continuously blow cold air.

While some online videos provide excellent tips for maintaining a furnace, homeowners should rely on the expertise of a licensed HVAC contractor for troubleshooting all electrical components. Contact with certain wires or electrical parts can cause serious bodily harm. When dealing with mechanical parts, wiring, fuel and electricity, a knowledgeable professional can safely assess some of the more common reasons for a system failure.

An insufficient amount of fuel will prevent a furnace from starting. An empty fuel tank would stop a furnace from firing. However, clogged fuel lines could cause a variety of problems. If fuel fails to reach burners within the furnace, a homeowner might notice a lot of cold air from floor-mounted registers and from ceiling registers.The Woodlands, TX Heater Repair Service

A precise mixture of fuel is needed for every furnace to properly operate. The amount of fuel that is required to start a furnace may vary among the unit size and the manufacturer. A licensed HVAC contractor should be hired to inspect the electronic ignition for a furnace that is continuously blowing cold air.

Pressing the restart button could help restore a furnace that fails to operate. If the unit continues to malfunction, a local heating expert may be contacted to diagnose the problem.

Some Other HVAC Considerations

A well maintained heating system can deliver years of comfort for a residential property. Getting regular inspections could prolong the usage of a new heater or an older unit. If problems persist such as a failure to start or a unit that is blowing cold air, The Woodlands HVAC professionals can inspect and service residential furnaces. Having a safe assessment is important for homeowners who depend on electrical or oil heat for cold winter days.

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