Willis AC Repair, Installation & Replacement

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Air Conditioning Cooling Services in Willis, TX

If there is one home service you don’t want to do without during the stifling Texas summers, it is air conditioning. When the temperatures are soaring, your AC has to work extra hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. If your cooling system fails when it’s hot outside, that heat will become trapped inside your house and result in a dangerous situation. Take the time to find a high quality AC expert in Willis, TX, so if your cooling system does break down you will have immediate help on the way.

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Clean AC Filters Improve Efficiency

The filter in your air conditioning unit is designed to catch airborne particles like dust and dirt, so you and your family won’t have to inhale it when it gets into your living space. The filter works well for a few months, but then it will become clogged and make it difficult for the cooled air to get through. When this happens, the AC still tries to reach the temperature you’ve set on your thermostat, but it has to work harder to get there, reducing the overall efficiency and raising your bills.

Risks of Trying DIY AC Servicing

If your air conditioner needs repairs, or it’s time for a replacement, try to avoid any impulses to perform the service yourself. When you try the DIY approach, you may end up making the situation worse or end up with a completely inefficient system.

Differences Between Ductless & Standard Air Conditioners

Standard forced air AC systems and ductless systems both produce cool air, but they have several key differences. A standard system blows cool air through ductwork, while a ductless system uses air handlers on the inside and a condenser on the outside, connected by copper tubes. Ductless AC systems have better air quality and are usually more efficient than their forced air counterparts.

Additional Cooling Services in Willis, TX:

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