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Evaporator Coil Cleaning Services in Woodlands, TX

All it takes for your air conditioning system to break down on you is one component to stop working properly. There are many parts that have to work together to get the job done, and the evaporator coil is one of the most critical. This coil holds the refrigerant that gives you the chilled air you need, so if it goes all you have is a fan blowing lukewarm air.

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Basic Evaporator Coil Information

The evaporator coil is part of your air conditioning system that’s installed along with the furnace or as a component of your air handler. As heat is drawn from inside the house, liquid refrigerant inside the coil evaporates as the hot air passes over it. Evaporator coils are responsible for heat transfer, making them an essential part of your AC system.

The Need for Coil Replacement

Evaporator coils should be maintained and cleaned regularly, but even with proper care they will wear out and require replacement sooner or later. It is possible to have the coil replaced on its own, or you can get a new one at the same time as a completely new system. You may need a new evaporator coil if yours is visibly leaking refrigerant, or if you notice lukewarm air coming out of your vents or general uneven cooling. When your coil needs replacing, a new one will make it seem as though you have a brand new AC system. All of a sudden, you’ll have cool, comfortable air throughout the house again.

Professional Service is Recommended

While many homeowners decide to clean their own evaporator coils, they risk damaging them or other parts of the AC. When it comes to fixing and installing evaporator coils, you should always leave the work to a professional. Don’t risk having your warranty voided or losing your ability to cool your home when the heat is at its worst.

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