Why Does My A/C Unit Freeze?

Sultry summer nights with ice caked on the air conditioner is a sorry sight for the household budget. While the air conditioner might still be working, it is well on its way to being broken if immediate attention is not given.

Woodlands, TX ac_maintenanceHow did it get to such a sad state and what course of action can both fix the situation and prevent it from occurring again?

Extra Effort

Blockage is an enemy of air flow and one of the main reasons for ice being caked on the air conditioner unit. Properly maintained systems have a much better chance of keeping their integrity with heat exchange. It is imperative that the intended target for the created cool air is in the house.

With duct work or intake registers being blocked, the air has nowhere to go. An end result is that the coils can not vent the chill and ice up even on the hottest of days.

Inadequate Refrigerant Levels

A closed system has developed a leak. Refrigerant is lost as it escapes into the atmosphere. The end result is the icing of the coils. Trained professionals can detect the cause and determine whether repair or replacement is the best course of action.

Drainage Problems

Moisture laden atmospheres help spur water accumulation on the coils. When the heat is exchanged off in the air conditioning process, a certain level of condensation is produced.

Properly designed and maintained systems guide the water away from the coils. Blockages or inadequate fan speed allow the mist to amass on the coils. End result is icing that will increase once it starts.

Vigilance is your best friend when it comes to the health of the air conditioner. Longer than normal cycle times are a clear indication of a situation outside the norm. Larger than last year electrical bills also hint that something is amiss.

Finally, visual confirmation of ice is a sign that the situation has gotten out of hand. Turn off the air conditioner unit immediately to prevent further damage to the unit and your budget. Now is the time to enlist the services of an experienced professional HVAC company.

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