5 Home Winterization Tips

Winterizing your home might seem like just one more seasonal chore, but a little bit of preventative maintenance during the fall could save you and your family quite a bit of money. Here is a look at five tips that will make this project as quick and cost-efficient as possible.

Magnolia, TX Winterization-Tip-Services-300x2001. Start With an Energy Audit

Energy audits do not necessarily need to be carried out every year, but they are a great option for finding problematic areas in a home.

These audits begin with an inspector carefully looking over one's house to find any efficiency problems that might be taking place.

They will then provide the homeowner with a detailed report on areas where they can make improvements.

2. Set Your Programmable Thermostat

One of the best investments that any homeowner can make is a programmable thermostat for their home. These devices give a family unprecedented control over their home's temperature even when they are not there.

During the coldest months of the year, the Department of Energy suggests that families keep their thermostat at 68 degrees when they are home and around 60 degrees when they are asleep or out of the house.

3. Inspect Rain Gutters and Downspouts

Rain gutters should be thoroughly cleaned out before any major rainstorms and downspouts should be checked for any clogs. Homeowners might also need to install downspout extenders to ensure that water is deposited as far from the home's foundation as possible.

4. Seal Unused Vents

Closing the doors to unused rooms and sealing unused vents will allow you to heat only the areas of your home where you and your family will be.

There are a number of products that are designed specifically to fit over vents and not allow air between the metal grates. These products are generally referred to as draft shields or vent shields and will make your HVAC system must more efficient.

5. Turn Off Outdoor Faucets

Those that live in an area prone to freezing temperatures will need to be especially careful with their plumbing system. All hoses should be removed from faucets and stored indoors.

The faucets themselves should be flushed so that they no longer have any water in them and then turned off completely so that they do not freeze and crack.

Winter is almost upon us in the Magnolia, TX area. To get the best advice on winterizing your home, call Affordable American Air Conditioning & Heating at (281) 704-3696 today!