3 Fall Home Maintenance Disasters

A lot of Magnolia homeowners this time of year decide to do all of the most important pre-winter home maintenance tasks on their own.

Magnolia, TX fall home maintenanceAlthough some tasks easily fit into the “do-it-yourself” category, many maintenance procedures, especially many of the ones that involve separate heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems or a whole house HVAC system, require the knowledge and experience of a trained professional.

DIY errors can result in high energy bills, or they can leave you without heat when you need it the most and force you to pay for expensive mid-winter repairs.

Before you try to do everything without professional help, consider these top three fall home maintenance disasters:

Cleanup is Key

Fall clean-up involves more than removing leaves, twigs and other debris from your home's roof, gutters and/or HVAC unit. These areas also require thorough inspections by experienced professionals to detect anything that can negatively impact the quality of the indoor air and temperature in winter.

For example,Magnolia homeowners that fail to detect missing hardware and different types of damage often face water leaks in winter inside of their homes and/or mold growth.

Some don't realize that a non-level HVAC unit can allow water and ice buildup and increase wear and tear on parts.

Gaps Need to be Filled

Any unintentional openings obviously result in costly heating bills and high indoor moisture levels. Warm air that leaks out of the house also forces your heating system to work harder and it then wears down faster. Many homeowners fail to find all of these openings because they try to do so by sight alone.

A professional can perform a blower door test to find all of the gaps. The use of incorrect weatherstripping based on the size of gaps around doors and windows and outdoor winter temperature requirements and incorrect installation also cause problems.

For example, weatherstripping errors can make a door difficult to close and even damage the wood frame and loosen hinges.

Your HVAC System Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes we see is homeowners performing little to no inspection or maintenance of their heating and ventilation systems before winter.

Even when some take the time to clean and inspect their systems, they often miss critical issues that eventually lead to system breakdown, such as faulty wires and parts, because they don't know all of the early warning signs or have detection equipment.

A professional performs the right level of maintenance every time.

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