Benefits of Radiant Heating

Radiant heating methods heat homes through the use of radiant heat rather than convection heat. The technology used to produce this type of heat has existed for centuries, and underfloor radiant heating has become increasingly popular, especially in countries like China and Korea.

Magnolia, TX Radiant Heating ServicesWhen using radiant heating, heat is emitted from one warm element that is located within a home's walls, floors, or ceiling.

Then, rather than heating the air, the heat that is emitted provides warmth to people and items in each room. As a result, the air temperature in a home that is heated using radiant heat can feel warmer than that of a conventionally heated home even if they are being heated to the same degree.

Read on to discover more benefits of radiant heating.

You Won't Hear or Feel a Thing

Since no air is being pushed through vents or ducts, you won't feel it blowing through the room or hear it coming from a fan or vent.

You won't even hear the creepy sound of your furnace kicking on every couple of hours. Also, no air blowing around your home minimizes drafts and static electricity.

Radiant Heating is Cleaner Than Conventional Methods

Radiant heating systems are often considered hypoallergenic. Since there is no air blowing out of a vent or duct and into your home, dust and pollen are not flying around in the air you are trying to breathe.

Radiant Heating Can Offer Customized Temperatures for Each Room

You don't always want every room in your Magnolia home to be heated to the same temperature, especially those you don't use as often. With radiant heat, you can control the temperature of each room using programmable thermostats. With these, each room can be heated for a specific amount of time and set to heat up to a certain temperature.

Radiant heat offers many benefits to Magnolia homeowners. This heating system is not only efficient but it is also effective. Many people rave about how great it feels to walk on tile floors warmed by radiant heat. Consider each of these benefits when you are searching for the right heating system to add to your home.

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