5 Sources Of Major Pollutants

Indoor Air Quality Should Be Good

Magnolia, TX Air-Quality-ServicesThe quality of the air inside your home should be good, especially since you have to breathe the air day and night.

Even if you’re out of your home many hours throughout the day, you still have to worry about your indoor air quality, which can be contributing to the fact that you’re getting sick more often than not.

Those who have allergies will find a lot of problems with indoor air, especially if it’s not ventilated properly or stays stagnant for long periods of time.

Pollutants Making Your Indoor Air Poor

There are many pollutants inside homes that make the air quality poor, and if you recognize what these pollutants are, then you can possibly do something about getting rid of them.

Pollen- You can get pollen in the home by opening the doors and windows, and pollen can be terrible for those who have allergies.

Dust- Unfortunately, dust is something that many cannot help having in their home, but you can get rid of or control dust.

Cigarette Smoke- Even if everyone in the home is a smoker, it’s unlikely that they want the cigarette smoke to stay in the air, especially since it is considered a pollutant.

Mold- Anyone can get mold, especially if they have wet or damp wood or other surfaces or items in the home that can easily grow mold.

Household Cleaning Products- Although these products may help to keep your home clean, they may linger in the air, polluting your air, and making indoor air quality insufferable at times.

How To Clean Indoor Air

Your best bet at cleaning your indoor air is by having a good working HVAC unit. Get a maintenance person out at least once a year to maintain the unit as well as changing the filter to make sure the air in the home stays clean.

Keeping the windows closed as well as the doors can help to keep pollutants out. If the windows or doors have to be open, then having a screen on the windows and doors will help.

It’s always a good idea to dust when necessary, and avoid dry dusting to make sure the dust doesn’t go back into the air. Opening the windows and doors will help, but it’s better to have a good running HVAC unit to help clear the air of cigarette smoke and other pollutants.

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